SXSW: The Cast of "Wild Canaries" Play a Game of "Never Have I Ever"

The cast of the highly buzzed about crime dramedy reveal their deepest secrets.

We already know one shoo-in for our Best of SXSW list: Wild Canaries. Written and directed by, as well as starring, Lawrence Michael Levine, the film follows a couple, played by Levine and the sure-to-be breakout star Sophia Takal, who are convinced that the death of their elderly neighbor isn't purely accidental. Shenanigans ensue as their roommate (Alia Shawkat), shady neighbor (Kevin Corrigan), and mess of a landlord (Jason Ritter) get looped into the investigation.

Shawkat, Ritter, Takal and Levine all stopped by the Complex SXSW house to play a game of "Never Have I Ever." Considering the movie's all about mystery, we decided to get the cast to reveal some of their own. 

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