Adam Brody Is a Hippie Seth Cohen on Last Night's "New Girl"

Seth Cohen meets Jessica Day. The quirk-o-meter is malfunctioning!

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In case you didn't get the hint fomr the episode title—"Exes"—last night's New Girl found Jess and Nick in awkward positions as their former flings burst their romantic bubble.

The first on the scene is Nick's crazy ex-girlfriend Caroline (Mary Elizabeth Ellis), who goes ape shit when she discovers Jess and Nick's new relationship. The second, and a lot gentler, ex is Berkley (Adam Brody), a hemp-smelling hippie dad who hit a rough patch in his marriage and turns to Jess for help. If that weirdly patterned sweater situation Brody's got going on doesn't give it away, imagine if Seth Cohen went to Brown, joined Greenpeace, ditched Summer, and did a lot of mescaline. That, in a nutshell, is Berkley (and also, Berkeley).

And this is everything that happened with him on last night's episode:

Although he starts off being a laid back bro, one cool with the "friend zone"...


....Berkley, in a too-real moment, misreads the "XOXOXOX" in Jess' text messages all these years.


Which sends Jess into a panic, forcing her to literally attempt to wash away his preconceived notions.


Which he mistakes for foreplay.


It's only when she blatantly says she doesn't give a shit that he finally gets it.


OK, so, he still doesn't get it.

Ultimately, Nick steps it up, claims his girl, the two psychos get the point and bail, yada yada. If there's one take away from Brody's episode last night, it's this: GET THIS MAN A SITCOM. Dude proves that he's still got charisma, pitch perfect comedic timing, and that awkward charm that made him a teen TV legend. Not to mention, his crazy O.C. fanbase will follow him anywhere. 

Watch the entire episode on Hulu or check out a clip of Berkley trying to get Jess back below:

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