Tobias Fünke's Acting Website Is Seriously the Best Thing Ever

He has a reel too!

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As if we needed more reason to be excited for Arrested Development's revived fourth season after that amazing trailer, this morning Ron Howard tweeted a mysterious site link, with the accompanying comment: "Just got a video reel from Dr. Tobias Funke at . Anybody seen this guy? Inspiring Stuff."

Click it. Just click it.

Yes. This is an acting website for none other than Dr. Tobias Fünke. And yes, it's incredible.

Featuring a welcoming statement from Tobias himself - "Welcome to Dr. Tobias Fünke’s Internet Video Audition Reel! I hope you enjoy the deep range of thespian urges that come out in each of my characters. “Blue Man Group Understudy” was just the tip of my talent. Feel free to insert me into any available openings — my bits are sure to startle you!" - the site mostly features amazing videos of Tobias against a green screen to prove that he really can be, well, inserted in any film. You can also insert your own background to a bunch of photos featuring Tobias against a green screen. Choose your own Tobias adventure! Hope you didn't have anything important to do today.

Also, there's a link called "insert me anywhere," because it wouldn't be Tobias without an innuendo somewhere.

While most of the videos on the website address director James Cameron - whom Tobias is attempting to wow with his acting chops - there's also an additional video posted to a YouTube account that addresses Howard. And if you've ever wanted to see Tobias be shot out of a cannon, you should probably watch it below.

The site also features an ad from a company that sells "ManGo! juice" - "It's like having a Mango in your mouth!" We're just so happy this show is back.

Season four premieres in full on May 26th on Netflix.

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