Mike Tyson To Switch Places With... Mike Tyson?

And it will all be caught on camera, of course.

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If you've ever wanted to see former heavyweight champ Mike Tyson become a Michigan-based nurse (and if you have, that's one weird desire), you're in luck! CBS has got you covered with their new show, Same Name, that takes celebs and regular people who share their names and switches them around.

The result? Mike Tyson filling in for another Mike Tyson in Grand Rapids.

The show won't air until August 7th, but, according to an interview Tyson gave to a local newstation covering the show, the experience has helped teach Mike—Iron Mike, that is—about being a better person. Cue the "awws."

And also, he felt it was crazy. "The more I kept associating with these kind of bizarre shows, like Funny or Die and all these things, I became somewhat used to making a fool of myself," says Tyson. "It comes pretty natural." You think?

[Via Radar Online]

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