Mike From "Breaking Bad" Will Join "Community" as a Criminology Professor

Mike Ehrmantraut, there you are!

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We're still pissed off about the fact that Mike Ehrmantraut took a life-long vacation to Belize courtesy of Walter White on Breaking Bad last year—never getting over that—but at least this news is starting to help alleviate some of that pain and heartbreak: According to EW, Mike himself, Jonathan Banks, has officially joined the cast of NBC's Community for next season, as a Greendale Community College criminology professor named Pat Nichols. This is amazing already.

Nichols is described as an "intense" professor who has a "mysterious background in military and police work." He'll appear in 11 episodes total, the first of which being the second episode of the season when Annie enrolls in his class.

Would that "mysterious background in military and police work" happen to be working for the Philadelphia police department JUST LIKE MIKE EHRMANTRAUT DID? Would the "mysterious" part happen to be working for Gus Fring's meth business, JUST LIKE MIKE EHRMANTRAUT did? 

Is Pat Nichols actually Mike Ehrmantraut?

Make it happen, guys. Make it happen.

[via Uproxx]

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