Gym Teacher Calls In Bomb Threat So She Can Skip Work

Because just calling in sick was clearly too simple for her.

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An elementary school gym teacher in Denver, Colorado wanted to get out of work really badly last week. Like, really badly. So, instead of calling in sick like a normal person or something, 42-year-old Jennifer Gomes thought it'd be a more creative approach to leave a bomb threat at the school so she'd get out of work.

Oh, and Gomes only works one day a week.

When school officials found the note, they immediately evacuated the school so authorities could search the premises. Obviously, no bomb was found, and Gomes was arrested two days later for making the threat.

Gomes has been arrested twice in the past - once, for "negligence without injury" while she worked at a day care facility, and once for driving while she had a child not wearing a seatbelt in her vehicle. So, we really gotta ask, why was someone who has been arrested twice for clear child endangerment working at a school anyway?

[Via NY Daily News]

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