"Community" Is Doing a Puppet-Themed Episode


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Looks like Community is continuing its trend of producing epic concept episodes. The next one we can expect, according to cast and producers at the show's PaleyFest session? An whole episode featuring the cast as Muppet-like puppets. 

The episode will air in April, and, in addition to the puppets, will feature former Seinfeld star Jason Alexander as a "friendly mountain man." Not much in way of plot has been revealed, but we do know that it will surround the study group feeling awkward around one another after some time spent together in the woods so, per Dean Pelton (Jim Rash)'s suggestion, they recount their experience with the use of puppets.

Some other things to expect from upcoming episodes:


NBC hasn't canceled Up All Night, and yet this show is constantly on the bubble? What is wrong with the world?

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