Yikes: Alec Baldwin Arrested for Disorderly Conduct in Manhattan

Alec Baldwin was arrested for disorderly conduct in Manhattan.

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Alec Baldwin may be exhausted with NYC, but that doesn't mean he can disregard all traffic laws. According to InTouch Weekly, Baldwin was arrested in Manhattan today for disorderly conduct after he got into a scuffle with cops who stopped him for riding his bike against traffic in the Flatiron District. Like most of Manhattan, the Flatiron District is a pretty busy neighborhood, so this is especially dangerous—not to mention illegal.

As depicted in the photos acquired by InTouch, Baldwin was handcuffed, and, according to a close source, "he was riding his bike the wrong way and didn’t have ID on him." C'mon, dude.

As for the scuffle with cops that led to his arrest: according to a police source speaking to the New York Daily News, Baldwin began screaming at cops in the middle of Fifth Ave. "He became belligerent, yelling and screaming at the officers, 'I don't have ID. Just give me the f-----g summonses,'" the police source said.

Baldwin continued to yell and argue when he was taken to the police station, the source continued, saying, "how old are these officers?...They don't even know who I am."

Apparently, Baldwin was issued a summonses for the bike mishap and for the disorderly conduct, and he has since been released.

[via InTouch]

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