Sony Teases "Slim" Announcement For End Of Month

Hope you didn't just buy a Vita.


Sony is set to unveil some sort of new "slim" announcement at the end of the month, reports VG 24/7. The site reports that the Japanese publisher and hardware giant will be debuting an announcement at a special event in London on January 30, promising an "introduction to the slimmest."

While it seems most likely that Sony's briefing will probably unveil a new slimmer model Vita, what this could be is anyone's guess. A new ridiculously slim PS3? A slimmer Vita TV the size of a flash drive, getting prepped for a European-and-likely-wider Western launch? A svelte new PS4 to make your chunky parallelogram self-conscious before it's six months old?

Who knows. It's probably the slimmer, trimmer Vita. We'll find out on January 30.

Via VG 24/7 

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