New Japanese "Mario Kart" Arcade Racer Looks Weird (Video)

Will it get a Wii U release?

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Mario Kart Arcade GP DX is a new arcade-only split installment of Nintendo’s long-running kart racer, made in partnership with Namco-Bandai. It’s also exclusive to Japanese arcades.

It makes sense, given the Wii U-caliber Arcade GP DX, which sounds like it should be a handheld title, appears to have some strange features that you’d only find in the game parlors of Nippon – what looks like customizable avatar styling, for one, as well as the strange ability for two players to join together to form what seems to be an unstoppable kart tank replete with possibly-unlimited turtle shells to knock opponents out of the sky.

(Also the anthropomorphized taiko drum from Namco’s famous-in-Japan arcade series can race against Nintendo fan favorites.) So if you happen to be in Akihabara sometime soon, check it out. Will it get a console release? It seems extremely unlikely, particularly in the U.S. But this trailer is a weird little piece of Nintendo cultural ephemera anyway.

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