Aesthetics And Statistics Collide In "Metrico" (Video)

Sony's weird business-marketing pop art indie adventure is coming soon.

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Arguably one of the best things about indie games is the myriad strange and wonderful ways they make departures from the expected or average art aesthetic of so many bigger budget titles. This is probably Metrico's most immediate selling point – this bizarre-looking indie merges a pleasantly contemporary minimalist look to an oddly near-fetishized application of statistical business-oriented pop art.

In practice, what we've seen of the game looks like an interesting puzzler of sorts with a heavy-handed artistic style, but for the game's apparently imminent release the developers have put together an odd little trailer suggestive of a plot that could play more with arthouse surrealism than you might expect.

The branching trailer (make sure you have Youtube annotations turned on) is virutally the same, with either a boy or a girl silhouette running through a series of business-powerpoint abstractions that seem be reacting to the presence of the characters. It makes little sense on its own, but given both the mirroring of two video branches – not to mention the trend indies often take towards obscure (or even wordless) narrative – this sharp-looking Vita release might have a more significant experimental narrative component than originally anticipated. 

Or it could just mean you can play as either a male or a female. You decide. Metrico hits the Vita this Spring.

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