Aubrey Plaza Hasn't Seen Her Season of ‘The White Lotus’ Because She Hates Streaming Apps

The actress also spoke about insecurities, representation, and buying 'The Sopranos' on iTunes.

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Aubrey Plaza has an interesting "ick" as an actor. 

On Tuesday, Plaza was revealed as Vanity Fair's June cover star. In the interview, the star said she doesn't watch much television, even her own latest show, The White Lotus. She said it's due to her dislike of streaming services. 

"I get really angry," she said of navigating various apps. "I was trying to watch Top Chef season 20. Couldn't figure out how to fucking get Hulu + Live. I give up! I can't. I just can't. And so what I like to do is go on iTunes and buy movies that are old. Or I'll go on iTunes and just, like, buy the whole Sopranos series, and then my husband will be like, 'You literally can watch that for free on HBO Max.'"

The Parks and Recreation alum admitted that she never watched her season of The White Lotus and rejected the interviewer's HBO Max login when offered. In a video for the magazine, she said, “I wasn’t planning to [watch it] until 10 years from now. Unless I’m producing something, I’ll watch it 100 million times. But if I’m just acting in something I generally don’t watch it.”

She did watch the Sopranos finale—which aired in 2006—starring fellow Lotus cast member Michael Imperioli's emotional departure. The cover star mocked a conversation between herself and Jake Johnson (another co-star, in the 2012 indie Safety Not Guaranteed) as they texted each other through the final scene. "Yesterday I was like, 'Oh my God, what do you think happened?' And he was like, 'I don't know, but I was crying,' and I was like, 'I was crying too.' I was like, 'This is ridiculous, that we're going through Sopranos finale stuff." 

As the interview continued, Plaza referred to herself as "shy," saying, "I’m way more socially, like, anxious and introverted than people would expect, I think. I’m just as insecure as anybody, and I’m probably way more shy than people think. But obviously the way I deal with that is, like, extreme behaviors. I try to maintain some authenticity, for better or for worse. That’s the goal. If all else fails, at least be authentic.”

Plaza also talked about the importance of Latina representation in Hollywood. "I loved that," she said of an L.A. Times article headlined "In Praise of Jenna Ortega, Aubrey Plaza and Moody, Deadpan Latinas."

"That shit is important to me, because that’s my whole thing," she continued. "Even with April Ludgate, it was like, Come on. Sofia Vergara is not the only Latina personality. There’s other ones! A lot of the characters I play, even with White Lotus—it’s important to normalize that there’s all kinds of different Latina people. I mean, all my Puerto Rican cousins are, like, morbid. Morbid shit is going on over there!”

The White Lotus recently revealed that its Season 3 location will be Thailand. The series has won 10 Emmys, including Jennifer Coolidge's Best Supporting Actress in a Limited Series victory. 

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