It Sounds Like Will and Jada Pinkett Smith Didn't Give Tyrese $5 Million After All

But at least you'll soon be able to buy your own "Shayla Rocks" hoodie.

It looks like Tyrese may not have gotten a little help from his friends, after all. 

Just days after claiming that Will Smith and his wife, "acrtress" Jada Pinkett Smith, had given the Fast and Furious franchise star $5 million to help with his legal fees, sources close to the power couple are running to TMZ to say it's not true. In fact, the gossip site's "Will and Jada sources" deny that any money changed hands at all.

TMZ claims that Will and Jada are worried that Tyrese is having "some sort of a breakdown"—a concern shared by many after a series of emotional social media posts about his contentious custody battle with his ex-wife Norma over their daughter Shayla.

Even if he didn't get money from the Smiths, Tyrese may be trying to get some from the rest of us. A website selling clothing with the phrase "Shayla Rocks"—identical to the clothes the actor and musician has been sporting on Instagram recently—just popped up. The address? The site is registered to Tyrese's label Voltron Recordz.

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