Cardi B, Hillary Clinton, Snoop Dogg, and More Celebs Read 'Fire and Fury' at the Grammys

James Corden tried to choose the best narrator for 'Fire and Fury.' Here's how it went.

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Michael Wolff's Fire and Fury, his insider's account of life in the Trump White House, has been a runaway best-seller. So it's only natural that the audio book version will soon be on the way. 

During Sunday night's Grammys, host James Corden hosted a comic skit where he jokingly tried to figure out who the perfect narrator would be for the book's tales of cheeseburgers in bed, clothes strewn on the floor, and other totally presidential behavior. So he tried out John Legend ("too smooth"), Cher, Snoop Dogg, and other celebs. 

Highlights of the skit included Cardi B, who seemed legitimately stunned at Trump's behavior ("I can't believe that... That's how he lives his life?" she asked incredulously) and DJ Khaled, who awarded himself next year's Best Spoken Word Grammy within his first 15 seconds. 

The skit concludes with the most obvious choice of narrator revealed—Hillary Clinton. We can only hope. 

This year's actual Best Spoken Word Grammy went to the late Carrie Fisher for The Princess Diarist

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