Video: The Girls of "Jersey Shore" Are Shockingly Knowledgable About Politics

Just kidding!

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Ellen showed just how little the ladies of Jersey Shore know about their own government in her latest version of "Know or Go."

Awaiting their inevitable fate on top of the dunk tank were J-Woww, Deena and Snookie, with Sammi down below for assistance on particularly tough questions.

The ladies did get a few question right, like, "How old do you have to be drink?", those involving simple arithmetic, and an updated version of "What color is Washington's White horse?" 

"There are nine supreme court justices. Who presides over the court in Judge Judy?," Ellen asked. Snookie hesitated, but ultimately came through.

The only legitimately difficult question: "Where did Ellen go to college?" Apparently she didn't. No sweat Deena, we would have got dunked on that one too. 

[via Towleroad]

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