Mark Wahlberg Says "How To Make It In America" Might Return on Another Network

Our boys might make it after all.

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How To Make It In America, the HBO show that followed a group of ambitious 20-somethings trying to make a name for themselves in Manhattan, was canceled last month after a brief two-season-run. But, according to executive producer Mark Wahlberg, it might not be over for our boys just yet.

In an interview with GQ, Wahlberg discussed the future of the prematurely-axed show. "The wheels are always turning," Wahlberg said. "We've talked to the networks and we may pair it up with another network. You know, you can only have so many shows on the air [at HBO], but we're talking about putting it elsewhere."

So, yes, that means there is a chance we might get to see Domingo (Kid Cudi), Cam (Victor Rasuk), Ben (Bryan Greenberg), and Kappo (Eddie Kaye Thomas) do their city hustle on another network. It's a small chance, but we're clinging to the possibility.

[via GQ]

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