In a move that is sure to be remembered by fans of HBO for a long time to come, Deadline is reporting that the network will cancel How to Make it in America, Bored to Death, and Hung, but will renew the Laura Dern comedy, Enlightened, for a second season. Both Hung and Bored to Death just finished airing their third seasons, while How to Make it in America was only two seasons into its run.

Enlightened received two Golden Globe nominations recently, and Hung star, Thomas Jane, landed one as well. But apparently HBO didn't have as much faith in Hung as it did in Enlightened. And despite its critical acclaim, How to Make it in America never quite found the audience that the network was hoping for. 

Until Larry David decides whether or not to do another season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, HBO is left with Enlightened and Eastbound & Down as its only comedies that are definitely returning next year. 

[via Deadline