'Black Panther' Is Spawning Seasonal Memes Now

"Is this your spring?"

Chadwick Boseman
Image via Getty/Shahar Azran/WireImage
Chadwick Boseman

With anything that happens in the world comes the opportunity to meme the hell out of it and Black Panther is no different. After officially being dubbed the most tweeted-about movie of all time, it makes perfect sense that scenes, characters, and one-liners from the film have been used on social media to joke about everything.

Spotted over at Mashable, a still of an important scene featuring Michael B Jordan's character Killmonger (spoiler alert here, but at this point what are you waiting for?) battling it out with King T'Challa for Wakanda's throne has been making the rounds. In the movie, Jordan's character asks "Is this your king?" after he claims victory over a powerless T'Challa. In Twitter's take he yells, "Is this your spring?"


Honestly,  it sums up just how unimpressed and confused most of us are about spring's unwillingness to actually arrive. Like most memes, it started to spread and take on a life of its own and eventually the weather jab sat alongside other things that can create that exact same judge-y feeling. From bills and bank accounts to food, Killmonger wants to know what's going on.

Besides, if it's not a meme did it even really happen? Check out some of the best ones below.

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