Tesla's Model X Is The SUV Of The Future

Tesla does it again.

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Yesterday Tesla unveiled the latest member of its all-electric, unapologetically good-looking family of future cars: the Model X. Where the Roadster and Model S targeted the super car and sedan markets respectively, the Model X is a crossover SUV— that ever popular vehicle category beloved by soccer moms and college kids alike.

As you can tell from the photo above, the most striking feature of the X is its gull wing doors, which not only look impressive, but actually make sense if you're trying to pile a bunch of kids/friends in the back seats.

Inside, the car is powered by two separate electric motors that power the front and rear wheels respectively, allowing the car to boast particularly responsive steering.

And if all that wasn't futuristic enough for you, at the dashboard is a massive tablet-like 17-inch touch screen command center.

You can get on a list for the Model X now, but it isn't expected to hit the streets until 2014. MSRP is expected to be between $60 and $80k.

[via CNET]

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