Watch Donald Glover Spoof Migos With ‘Friendos’ Sketch on ‘SNL’

'SNL' provided a fictional outlet for Quavo, Takeoff, and Offset to have a breakthrough.

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The latest episode of Saturday Night Live was full of pop culture callbacks, courtesy of Donald Glover, who hosted, performed, and appeared in several sketches. Glover provided what was at least his third major nod to Migos by spoofing the trio in a group therapy-inspired skit entitled “Friendos.”

Channeling their inner Quavo, Takeoff, and Offset, Glover, Kenan Thompson, and Chris Redd pulled back the curtain to reveal the key to Migos’ chemistry is regular visits to a psychiatrist named Angela. Migos eventually resolve some inner turmoil about an ice cream-colored Lamborghini and Takeoff’s role within the group thanks to some ad lib-powered “I feel” statements.

Like much of the episode, there was no shortage of hip-hop references, as ASAP Rocky met Migos outside the office while waiting for his own therapy session.

Those familiar with the ’80s-era Def Jam catalog got an additional treat during the episode as Glover also spoofed the Oran “Juice” Jones single, “The Rain.”SNL’s “80’s Music Video” sketch, which you can see below, featured Glover in a send up of Jones’ hit single that mainly mimicked the absurd spoken word section.

One of my white friends had no idea while I immediately shouted out "ORAN JUICE JONES!!!!!!!"
Donald Glover and this Oran “Juice” Jones parody is going wayyyyyyyyy over the heads of #SNL’s audience.
"The Rain" by Oran 'Juice' Jones #SNL

The early Twitter reactions to the sketch hint at this one going over a lot of heads. If Glover parlayed his writing experience from 30 Rock and Atlanta into penning some of Saturday’s sketches, then he may have pulled off a win with a likely Easter egg for a large part of the SNL audience.

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