Macaulay Culkin Joined Twitter to Flame Everyone at the Oscars

Macaulay Culkin spent his Sunday night live-tweeting the a unique way.

macaulay culkin

Image via Getty/Josh Brasted

macaulay culkin

Macaulay Culkin finally joined the rest of the world on Twitter Sunday night and decided to have some fun sending jabs at the 90th Academy Awards ceremony. The 37-year-old kid actor–turned–​podcast host/WWE enthusiast spent his Sunday night home alone (sorry) dragging actors like Kevin Spacey and Casey Affleck, and providing a wealth of sarcastic commentary throughout the whole Oscars.

Culkin started his thread with a preemptive tweet on Saturday, telling his followers what they could expect to see during Hollywood's biggest night.

What followed was about 100 tweets all focused on Oscars attendees and nominees, and a lot of shade. A handful of his tweets were aimed at men accused of sexual misconduct and assault, while others poked fun at the general silliness of the event, making pointedly out-of-the-loop comments on movies like La La Land and categories like "Best Video Game."

If you, like Culkin, opted out of tuning into this year's schmaltz-fest, no need to worry, just read through some of his best tweets of the night and you'll basically be all caught up.

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