George Clooney is Like a Second Dad to Shailene Woodley

His movie did get her a Golden Globe nom.

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This summer just might make a huge star out of Shailene Woodley. She stars in Divergent, a movie expected to rival The Hunger Games (we'll see) and as a teenage cancer patient in The Fault in Our Stars. People first began to take notice of her as George Clooney's daughter in the Oscar-winning The Descendants back in 2011.

"He’s like my second dad. He’s got my back,” she says. “I’ve never met somebody in the industry who’s more grateful, who pays it forward without talking about it in the press or speaking about it to anyone else," she says. "That to me was the best advice, just learning through his actions.”

She nabbed a Golden Globe nomination for her role, but she tells the Chicago Sun-Times that the experience of filming in Hawaii was life-changing. She also admits that her ABC Family show Secret Life of the American Teenager was maybe not the best. 

Divergent hits theaters March 21.

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