Thanks to Her Hilarious Olympic Live Tweets, Leslie Jones Might Be Headed to Rio for NBC

Thanks to her hugely funny live-tweets of the Olympics, Leslie Jones might be headed to Rio to help NBC with their coverage of the Games.

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Two weeks after her return to Twitter, Leslie Jones is bringing some levity to Olympic commentary—so much so that, with the help of Late Night with Seth Meyers' Mike Shoemaker, NBC Rio Olympics producer Jim Bell took notice and asked Jones to join the team in Rio and help cover the Games.

Over the past few days, Jones has kept us all well-informed of Team USA's victories, live-tweeting her reactions to synchronized diving, skeet shooting, bicycling, basketball, and swimming. (Les, have you left your computer at all since the opening ceremony?)

She's asking the questions we all want answered, like: Who's the aesthetician that's taking care of the U.S. Olympic swim team? Who would dare mess with our skeet shooting team? And who was in charge of creating these wimpy basketball rules?

Last month, Jones told Seth Meyers that she was sick of Twitter trolls but would continue to use the site after taking a short break from it. 

Here's to hoping Jones takes over the NBC Twitter account full-time.

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