EA Is Shopping A "Need For Speed" Movie Around To Studios

"Real Steel" screenwriter John Gatins is working on the pitch.


Variety's Showblitz blog reports that EA has set to work on getting the Need For Speed racing franchise of games up on the big screen, possibly looking to take advantage of the recent dearth of good Fast and the Furious movies. Given seemingly rampant complaints that last year's exceptional Drive wasn't enough like the adrenaline-fueled street racing franchise, now might be an ideal time.

Then again, we don't want to jump to conclusions—EA's reportedly got Real Steel screenwriter John Gatins on board to pitch the movie to studios. Real Steel was last year's surprisingly heartfelt movie about giant robots boxing each other, so you never know what the guy could do with Need For Speed.

Studios including Warner Bros., Sony and Paramount are said to be interested, so expect to hear more news soon. Would you be interested in a Need For Speed movie, even if Vin Diesel wasn't in it? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.

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