Pamela Anderson Pleads for Kanye West to Help Julian Assange: ‘It Is Torture’

Anderson, who famously visited Assange in his Ecuadorian embassy refuge in London, is asking 'Ye to help drum up support for the Wikileaks founder.

Pamela Anderson, who famously visited Julian Assange at his Ecuadorian embassy refuge in London numerous times, has written Kanye West a letter pleading for him to use his platform to publicly denounce Assange’s situation, which Anderson claims includes torture.

According to TMZ, Anderson’s letter claims Assange has been cut off from visitors, internet access, and phone calls to the outside world, and that he’s in serious danger of being killed “for exposing corruption in governments.”

“I support him and I know you value free speech,” Anderson wrote. “Visibility is good for him, especially in America, where they are trying to put him away for life, or worse, for exposing corruption in governments. I think they are trying to kill him. It is torture.”

Anderson hopes that with Kanye taking up the cause, Assange’s predicament could be alleviated or irrevocably altered for good. “Public support could set him free,” she wrote. “Media is monopolized, so some brave voices are the only hope to break through. I’ve always supported your ‘no filter’—you speak your mind. And you make an impact. I’m sure a lot of people feel like you. They just are stuck in what society says is OK to say.” 

Anderson has been posting about the Wikileaks founder on social media for years now, with hashtags like #freeassange accompanying her supportive posts. The Baywatch star also tweeted Kanye’s “Ye vs. the People” earlier today, as well as a Vivienne Westwood video describing Assange as a “war hero” who “has never been charged with a crime.”

Unfortunately for Assange, he remains in a sort of limbo, where stepping outside the Ecuadorian embassy would result in his arrest and potential extradition to Sweden, and remaining inside poses detrimental consequences to his health. While Kanye might not be the voice of reason these days, it makes sense for Anderson—who fully supports Assange—to try to get Kanye on her side. 

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