‘Billions' Actor Damian Lewis to Portray Former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

The public antics by former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford were something to behold. Thankfully, there’s a movie in the works.

Rob Ford Movie Damian Lewis

Image via Getty/Lucas Oleniuk

Rob Ford Movie Damian Lewis

The late, former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was a public figure for the ages. The crack-smoking former mayor is about to be immortalized on the silver screen.

According to a Kit Magazine interviewHomeland actor Damian Lewis will portray the late mayor in a drama called Run This Town that's currently shooting in Ford’s hometown of Toronto. Naturally, he’ll be fitted with the requisite prosthetics to properly pull off the look. On the other hand, there are people close to the real-life story that aren’t enthused about the project—such as Robyn Doolittle, who as /Film points out, investigated Ford and literally wrote the book on him.

Doolittle is referring to actor Ben Platt, who's been cast as a reporter who investigates the mayor in an attempt to expose him and his wrongdoings. Of course, Platt could be playing an entirely different reporter, but the understandable frustration remains.

Ford used to provide the city of Toronto with seemingly endless bizarre stories that included public crack smoking, arguing with staff members while intoxicated, dancing to Bob Marley at work, walking face-first into a news camera, and saying aggressively racist comments. He's not at all a paragon to follow, but he's interesting enough for a film.

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