Matthew McConaughey Might Run for Governor of Texas

Matthew McConaughey has apparently been seriously considering a run for the Governor of Texas for quite some time. Apparently he's actually considering it.

Matthew McConaughey

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Matthew McConaughey

Apparently, Matthew McConaughey is quietly plotting a run for governor of Texas.

The beloved actor earlier this year said he was giving “serious consideration” to a run for office, and now it seems that he has gotten even more serious about the idea. According to a story in PoliticoMcConaughey has been “making calls” to lawmakers in Texas in the hopes to kickstart a legitimate political campaign.

The story explains that McConaughey has been shopping around for potential donors, and gauging lawmakers temperature in regards to the Academy Award winning actor throwing his hat into the race. He undoubtedly has a lot of skeptics, with political doyens like George W. Bush’s former advisor Karl Rove actively discrediting McConaughey’s ambitions to be governor. “I find it improbable, but it’s not out of the question,” Rove said. 

McConaughey has been starkly political in recent months. The famed actor recently ranted to Piers Morgan about the dangers of Cancel Culture before the latter was subsequently canceled himself. According to recent polls, the Texas public is actually excited for the prospect of a McConaughey governorship, as a recent poll conducted by TheDallas Morning News showed 45 percent of Texans, out of the 1,126 registered voters they questioned, would vote for McConaughey were he to run. While the actor hasn’t made any concrete announcements as of yet, it is looking more and more likely each passing day that the actor might actually make a run for Greg Abbot’s office. 

Let’s hope we hear more on this soon.

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