Ashton Kutcher's Brother Was 'Very Angry' When Actor Said He Had Cerebral Palsy

Ashton Kutcher's twin brother said he was "very angry" when the actor revealed his cerebral palsy condition on national TV, and spoke about it on 'Today.'

Ashton Kutcher

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Ashton Kutcher

In an exclusive interview with TodayAshton Kutcher’s twin brother Michael explained that he was “very angry” with the actor after he revealed his condition on national TV.

“I was very angry. Very angry. I remember speaking to him about it,” Michael said. “I didn’t wanna be the face of CP. I never talked about it.” While he was initially mad, Michael says he now views the moment as a blessing. “[He] did me the biggest favor he’s ever done because he allowed me to be myself.” Michael is currently involved in activism with the Cerebral Palsy Foundation and has received countless amounts of praise from his brother. “My brother’s daily actions remind me that life isn’t about running around challenges – it’s about running through them,” Ashton told Today. ”Mike has a relentless work ethic and deep compassion for others.”

The pair were very close as kids, with Ashton often coming to Michael’s defense when it came to bullying. “I had all of the stereotypes that come with having a disability,” Michael said. “I was called every name in the book on the playground. I had difficulty making friends. But I had Chris there to help me and support me,” (Chris is Ashton’s first name). 

Michael even brought up one that Ashton would quell his own social life to support his brother. The former would only go to sleepovers if Michael could also go. “Most of the time they’d say yes, but sometimes they’d say no, and Chris would go, ‘Well, then I’m not coming,” Michael said. “Chris would tell me, “I wish I could take all of this off of you – and take it myself.”

Overall, it sounds like Ashton is an amazing brother.

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