xQc Says He Was Banned From Every Casino In Quebec: 'I Can't Even Buy A Lottery Ticket'

He explained what happened in a recent stream.

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Popular streamer xQc has made his affinity for gambling clear over the past few months, but he says he's no longer allowed inside casinos in Quebec.

During a stream, the Quebecer elaborated on the restrictions imposed on him.

"I'm banned from everything," xQc said. "I don't think you guys get it. I'm banned from everything in the entire province. All casinos, all online stuff, I can't even buy a lottery ticket. I can't do anything until it's appealed. I'm banned from everything that has a chance in it."

He then continues his rant by talking about his wealth.

"I could fuckin' occupy every high-roller table that they have 24/7 max bet on every seat 24/7 for weeks on end and it wouldn't make a dent into anything. So don't tell me about this shit. This 'We're doing it because we're trying to protect you from fucking gambling."

In another portion of the stream, xQc explained why he got banned.

xQc explains why he got banned from gambling in a casino.‼️

"can't even buy a lottery ticket"

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"I'm here [in a casino] with my family, just gonna chill out, just betting little amounts and I'm getting banned from the whole place and these guys are dragging me out," he said. "I'm like, 'Why?' And he's like, 'Well, dude, basically what happened is that in 2022 there was this article that came out about you that said you were addicted. So our online systems banned you from playing online."

It's been a controversial month for xQc who was previously lambasted on social media for creating reactionary content about the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict.

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