Timbaland Is Apparently One Of Internet Sensation Pinkydoll's Top Fans

A screenshot showed he's her top viewer.

Pinkydoll on TikTok

Last week, a Canadian content creator named Pinkydoll took the internet by storm thanks to her bizarre string of TikTok live videos.

Pinkydoll, hailing from Quebec, blew up for repeating random catchphrases like "Ice cream so good" and heating up popcorn kernels with a hair straightener, has one of the biggest hip-hop producers ever as her biggest fan.

A screenshot on Twitter showed that Timbaland is Pinkydoll's top viewer with ATL Jacob not far behind in second place.

learning that Timbaland and ATL Jacob are the top donators on “ice cream so good” girl’s tiktok lives just did psychic damage pic.twitter.com/DPEGeHi3ma

— chekov (@notbigracks) July 16, 2023
Twitter: @notbigracks

Pinkydoll posted a TikTok yesterday confirming Timbaland's interest in her.

Timbaland's page showed a video of Pinkydoll breaking her character to celebrate him joining her live feed.


🎤🔥🤖YES yes YES

♬ original sound - Timbaland

Timbaland isn't the only celebrity infatuated with Pinkydoll's virality.

The content creator also shouted out Keke Palmer who showed her appreciation for her during an interview.

Pinkydoll previously called out Montreal blogs and internet personalities for not supporting her.

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