Ryan Reynolds Photoshops Picture Of Blake Lively And Taylor Swift With His And Travis Kelce's Faces

The actor is currently back filming Deadpool 3.

Mike Coppola / Getty Images

Ryan Reynolds is currently working on Marvel's Deadpool 3 but the actor still has time to crack jokes on social media.

Over the weekend, the Canadian actor posted a photoshopped picture of his and Travis Kelce's faces superimposed over the faces of Blake Lively and Taylor Swift from Beyoncé's Renaissance film premiere.

"I feel like I should remember this," he wrote in the picture.

Twitter: @PopBase

Once the picture made its way through multiple social media platforms, many had jokes in the chamber.

"They should recreate the pic ngl," one Twitter user wrote.

Twitter: @swifferstruggle

Another person joked that Kelce looked good in the edit.

Twitter: @tabirain13

In the quote tweets, Rob McElhenney, with whom Reynolds co-owns the British soccer team Wrexham, posted his version of the picture with his face photoshopped over Swift's instead.

Twitter: @RMcElhenney

Several people tweeted how they thought Swift and Lively would react to the picture.

Twitter: @katiesversion89

Twitter: @midnightstrack2

Not everyone was amused by Reynolds' post, however.

Twitter: @Baileymoon15

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