Joe Jonas Says He Sent Nathan Fielder A Drink And Got Sent Back Mayonnaise At L.A. Restaurant

Jonas says he sent it as a thank you after he bought Fielder a drink.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Nathan Fielder's genre of comedy has always been just a little awkward.

Joe Jonas felt it firsthand when he bought Fielder a drink at an Italian restaurant in Los Angeles.

In an Instagram video, Jonas explained how the situation unfolded.

"So last night, I noticed Nathan Fielder was at the same restaurant," he said. "I wanted to send him a drink so I asked the waiter if we can send something over. They said, 'You have good taste,' which made me feel good about my loving all things Nathan Fielder."

"He sent back, as a thank you, mayonnaise," he continued.

The video then cuts to the mayonnaise that Fielder sent over.

Those who've watched Fielder's shows like Nathan For You and The Rehearsal will find that this gift is consistent with the dry humour that's exemplified in his work.

With a second season of The Rehearsal still far away, fans of Fielder will be able to catch him on a new show titled The Curse in which he stars alongside Emma Stone and Benny Safdie.

Jonas, on the other hand, is working through a divorce with Sophie Turner.

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