Sean Evans Says Which Canadians He Wants On Hot Ones: 'We Need Bieber'

Evans also talked about who among Drake or The Weeknd would be better equipped to handle the wings of death.

Kayla Oaddams / Getty Images

Hot Ones has featured plenty of Canadian guests over the years, but host Sean Evans is still hoping Justin Bieber might one day sit across from him on the show.

"We've had a lot of Canadians on. We need Bieber," Evans told Complex Canada host Alex Narvaez at this year's ComplexCon. You can watch the clip below.

Canadians who have been on Hot Ones over the show's 22 seasons include Simu Liu, Michael Cera, Lilly Singh, and Shawn Mendes. Seth Rogen was the most recent Canadian guest in 2022.

Fans also commented on who they would like to see. Some requests include Roy Woods, Avril Lavigne, and Trailer Park Boys.

Of course, the conversation also turned towards Drake and The Weeknd, neither of whom have taken up the Hot Ones challenge. Evans reflected on who would be better suited for the show.

"Drake I feel is made in a lab for Hot Ones, so I think it would be him, actually."

Season 22 continues with a new episode featuring Sterling K. Brown dropping today.

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