"Star Fox" Is One of the Greatest Games of All Time; New Video Explains Why (Video)

Why the Super Nintendo classic was so damn good

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When the original Star Fox dropped way back in your diaper days of 1993 on the Super Nintendo it unleashed a brand new mind-blowing concept to gaming; 3D shooting. While shoot 'em ups where nothing new, Star Fox gave gamers a fresh way to look at a style of play gamers where used to and in the process exploded some tiny Nintendo-playing minds. This video from Really Freakin' Cleveraims to explain why you couldn't get enough of that hot, sweaty Star Fox action.

It all comes down to Star Fox's ability to sink players right into the middle of the commotion. Where traditional shoot 'em ups where viewed from above or on the side, Nintendo planted players right behind the character and gave players lots of pretty, destructible, environments and enemies to blow apart. Moreover, Star Fox tells a story through its gameplay, which is something modern game makers need to be reminded of sometimes.

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