This 'Rats' Documentary Trailer Is Really a Horror Film

Morgan Spurlock's 'Rats' documentary doubles as a horror film. Watch the trailer.

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Fuck my life, I made the mistake of watching this trailer while eating lunch and I'm sick to my stomach. Learn from my mistake: Don't. Do. That. But if you like being grossed out, then RATS may be for you. A new documentary from Morgan Spurlock (Super Size MeFreakonomics) shows the infestation of rats around the world, but it's more than just informative slash disgusting; The Hollywood Reporter wrote that the movie is edited like a horror film, with "shock-cut inserts and skittery sounds." Yikes. As if the reality of RATS BEING ALL AROUND US wasn't horrifying enough. RATS, appropriately, premiered during Toronto International Film Festival's Midnight Madness and will go on to play Fantastic Fest, the horror festival in Austin this week.

"They say in New York City there's a rat for every person... I think there's more," some Rat Expert states in the trailer (such comforting words!) before showing really gross scenes of parasites in dissected rats, rats crawling OUT OF TOILETS (a literal worst nightmare, WTF), and unnecessary close-ups of these lil fuckers. The trailer also tells us rats evolve ten times faster than humans and have become poison-resistant by this point. LOL GREAT NEWS!!

Ugh, this is giving me PTSD about the time I saw The Girl With a Dragon Tattoo in an NYC theater and everyone screamed because there was a rat running over our feet (gotta love the Big Apple, amirite?). Honestly rats could totally be pizza-carrying, selfie-taking cuties if they weren't such disease-ridden savageassholes.

If you're dying to be terrorized by RATS (not gonna lie, I'm totally itching to watch it myself), it plays Landmark Theatres as midnight events on September 23 and 24, and hits the Discovery Channel on October 22. 

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