'Bright' Is Getting a Sequel Thanks to You Hate-Watching It

Netflix took to Twitter to drop some tongue-in-cheek jokes and announce that their critically-panned hit 'Bright' is getting a sequel.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Orc auditions for the @BrightNetflix sequel are now closed. Thank you. Have a nice day. pic.twitter.com/QnVqkgYRkE

— Netflix (@netflix) January 3, 2018

While Will Smith's straight-to-Netflix movie Bright was critically-panned, Netflix knows when it has a hit. With a reported 11 million people tuning in to watch Bright during its opening weekend, it should come as no surprise that Netflix would be turning it into a franchise that's best-described as Training Day meets Lord of the Rings (shouts to Nore Davis).

Word of a Bright sequel hit a day before the movie premiered, but today, via the above tweet featuring two orcs (or guys dressed up as orcs) auditioning for the film, Netflix announced that Bright would indeed be getting a sequel. The video even makes light of the different movies that Bright has been compared to, going from Bright 2 to Brighter to Bad Boys in Mordor to Orcs Gone Wild...you get the idea. They even changed their bio to Bright 2: Hyperbright.

Just like reviews of the film, reactions to Bright returning for a sequel have been mixed.

because everyone hate-watched Bright, Netflix is making a sequel. well fucking done. pic.twitter.com/nym2O6rPb5
YESSSSSSS!!!!!! #Bright on @netflix sequel!!!! I’m happy to read this!!!
I see Netflix is making a sequel to BRIGHT, and I can only give this my blessing if they title it BRIIGHT.
TFW we get a sequel to BRIGHT, but potential sequels to THE NICE GUYS and LOGAN LUCKY get scrapped.
It better be called brighter
Third sequel: brightest
Fourth: 2 bright 2 orc
Fifth: Elvish drift https://t.co/AREGcZtbtR

In terms of actual information regarding the sequel, Netflix hasn't given up much in the way of new news. It's being reported that Will Smith and Joel Edgerton are on board, with David Ayer returning to direct and write this one; the first film was written by Max Landis, which might not be as surprising as you might think. No talk of Lucy Fry reprising her role, or what the potential continuation of the story would be, although with (spoiler alert!) that wand being put in a safe box by the elves towards the end of the first movie, one has to imagine that whatever this Bright  sequel will be will link back to that very moment.

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