Warren Beatty Giving Best Picture Award to 'La La Land' Instead of 'Moonlight' Is the Craziest Oscar Moment Ever

In a surprise, 'Moonlight' stole the win from 'La La Land.'

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If you've been rocking with us, you know we've been covering the winners of the 89th Academy Awards, so we were on hand when we saw Warren Beatty announce that La La Land won the award for Best Picture. Hell, we imagine a number of you switched off after that announcement, but it looks like there was a massive error, as Beatty pulled a Steve Harvey and announced the wrong winner.

And the Oscar goes to… pic.twitter.com/i846CnSDAi

That's right; even though we assumed that Moonlight wouldn't win the Best Picture Oscar (although we thought it should), it actually did win.

BREAKING UPDATE: Following incorrect announcement, 'Moonlight' has won 'Best Picture' at the #Oscars. https://t.co/esmdczoPpT pic.twitter.com/9KWTsLlzrH

Earlier in the night, Moonlight won Oscars for Best Adapted Screenplay, and Mahershala Ali became the first Muslim to win an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. Many assumed that La La Land would win the major awards, but thanks to Beatty, we got the biggest shock of the evening.

Who knows the problem behind this; was it Beatty f*cking up, or something else? We have a feeling that this will be dissected over the next 24 hours, but ultimately, Beatty f*cked up. Shouts to the cast and crew of Moonlight, as well as everyone who voted for Moonlight.

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