Michael Cera Warns Jason Mitchell to 'Never Trust the White Man' in Exclusive 'Tyrel' Clip

Watch this exclusive look at 'Tyrel,' starring Jason Mitchell and Michael Cera, which hits theaters on December 5.

Back in September, we hit you with the trailer for Sebastian Silva's Tyrel, a smaller film that's gotten a lot of acclaim for being described as "one of the most terrifying non-horror movies you'll ever see." Comparisons to Get Out (it even features Caleb Landry Jones, who starred in Get Out) were given as well, and the film, which features Jason Mitchell as the long black guy at a bro'd up function in the Catskills, definitely gives off those vibes. Today, we have an exclusive clip from the film to help give you more insight into what that truly means.

In this segment (which you can watch up above), Michael Cera's character Alan takes a quick dip in a freezing body of water. While submerged, his "friends" hide his winter coat, knowing that he'll need it as soon as he gets out and disrobes from his soaked garments. They think it's a joke, but Tyler (Mitchell) is the only one who goes to retrieve Alan's coat, to which Alan says (after taking a swig of brown liquor) that Tyler should "never trust the white man. You understand? They will let you fucking die in the wilderness." Tyler chuckles, then affirm that he hear's Alan, loud and clear.

This is one of many moments in the film that feel...off. There's an awkwardness to Tyrel that you might not understand unless you've been "the only one" in a situation like this in an effort to show what that can do to a person. Intrigued? You should be. Check out Tyrel when it hits theaters on December 5.

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