ComplexLand to Exclusively Premiere 'North Hollywood' Trailer, Followed by Panel With Mikey Alfred and the Cast

ComplexLand will be hosting a special panel featuring 'North Hollywood' director Mikey Alfred and the film's cast to discuss their anticipated film.

North Hollywood

Image via Dominic Miller

North Hollywood

Illegal Civ founder Mikey Alfred might have made one of the most anticipated films of...whenever it comes out. We say that because while the 25-year-old's directorial debut has received standing ovations at private screenings and praise for both the acumen of its director and its "polish" as a film, it hasn't secured a distributor. Alfred, who was a producer on A24's Mid90s, crafted a film rooted in the world of skating. At a time when films like Mid90s are drawing strong reviews while the women from Skate Kitchen gain more acclaim for HBO's Betty series, it's surprising that North Hollywood—which counts everyone from Vince Vaughn and Miranda Cosgrove to Ryder McLaughlin (who portrayed Fourth Grade in Mid90s), Angus Cloud (Euphoria), and Nico Hiraga (Booksmart) as cast members—is currently going through this battle.

Now's not the time for dwelling on that, though; at ComplexLand on December 9, Complex is proud to not only premiere the trailer for North Hollywood, but to host an exclusive panel featuring Alfred, McLaughlin, Cloud, Hiraga, and Hudson discussing the film and its importance with moderator Gary Rogers. This is a celebration, and hopefully, the beginning of the rest of the world seeing what Pharrell Williams, Noah Centineo, and skating legend Tony Hawk see: a heartfelt story that resonates with anyone with a heart beating in their chest, regardless of ther ability to kickflip.

ComplexLand takes place from Dec. 7 to Dec. 11. Sign up for more info and access at

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