Tha Doggfather: Anthony Anderson Celebrates National Dog Day, Lost 'black-ish' Episode

Anthony Anderson is celebrating National Dog Day with Autotrader. Find outs about their lint roller dog-vests, and his thoughts on the lost 'black-ish' episode.

Anthony Anderson, 72nd Annual Directors Guild Of America Awards

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Anthony Anderson, 72nd Annual Directors Guild Of America Awards

Anthony Anderson loves dogs. He's America's father on ABC's black-ish, but at home, his family includes his pooches. He's so into dogs that he linked up with Autotrader for National Dog Day to highlight Dog Adoptions. Hell, who even knew that Autotrader and Adopt-A-Pet had linked up for, which helps you connect to dogs you can adopt in your town. They've also collaborated on ill lint roller dog-vests, which are up for raffle from now through September 14, 2020. Here's Anthony's dog Riley modeling the vest.

Anthony Anderson's love for dogs comes from his family—that's what happens when you grow up in a dog home. Modern dog homes mean you hop in the car and take some road trips with the human and canine members of the household. Riley's ready, as is Anthony, for some lint-free travel fun, but as I was speaking to him about dog ownership and the importance of dog adoption—something Anderson wants to "shed light" on—I had a question...

 If Dre had a dog on black-ish, would Dre's dog be rocking these vests?
Oh, yeah. Yeah. One reason the dog would rock the vest is because Dre ain't trying to have dog hair all over his pants like that. They would be rocking the vest, but they would also be stylish and stylized as well. Dre is a big Gucci lover. Dre is a big designer guy. So, Dre would have designer pens on his dog's vest. Dre would have his dogs rocking for that reason. And the second reason, more importantly, because Autotrader would be donating funds to Not only would he be doing it just for the look of it, it's also for great reason and for a great cause. Dre would really be doing that. helps place these homeless pets that are in these shelters, to help place them in loving homes because that's what they deserve.

Which is so important. I wanted to get your thoughts on the public finally be able to see the lost "Please, Baby, Please" episode of black-ish.
I should be asking you the question.

Oh, we could go all day.
What did you think about the episode? I'll say this: It was an episode that we thought should have been aired at the time that we completed the episode. But in watching it even now, a year and a half, almost two years later, it's still, if not even more, relevant today with what's going on with the current administration, with what's going on in our neighborhoods, in our community, with what's going on in the world. Having seen it yourself, I'm curious as to what your thoughts on it were.

I appreciate the message. I'm also a big fan of Dre's speech after the 2016 election, so being able to get more episodes like that in the show is really important to me. I wish that we received this message when we were supposed to. It's so relevant to what's going on right now, but you almost wish that some people could have seen that when it was supposed to air; maybe some of these things could have been averted. Who knows. But I always applaud when those messages are being put out in the world for people, especially in a show that at the end of the day is set to entertain you.
Yeah, I agree with you. I wholeheartedly agree with you on that. I believe that [episode] should have been aired when it was scheduled to air. And because, for what you just said, we may not be going through having some of the issues that we're having right now, had it done so. That just could be me living in this utopian world in my head. But I do agree with you that our show is always timely and topical and we always have our finger on the pulse of what's going on. That was really something that should have been aired back then, but I'm glad that the public is able to see it now.

What else are you working on? I know quarantine has made it hard for people to really get in the studios or get creative, but do you have any projects that may have been lingering that are set to come out soon?
No, unfortunately, nothing to talk about because [the] hiatus that we took at the end of the season, I was just devoted to playing golf and traveling. I wasn't going to work on anything. Then COVID hit and didn't allow me to work on anything. So, I just grew my beard and played a lot of bad golf. We're back at black-ish, officially.

Hopefully, we will get another season out of my game show with my mother, To Tell the Truth. So, we'll see what happens. And our T-Mobile spots are even stronger and we're doing more of those things. That's about all I have going on. Just out here celebrating and bringing awareness to the National Dog Day.

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