Alexandra Shipp Talks 'Tragedy Girls' and Why Her Knife Game Is So On Point

Alexandra Shipp, star of 'Tragedy Girls,' talks her favorite horror movie, learning how to stab people, and what she shares in common with her character.

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Back in October, Tragedy Girls star Alexandra Shipp visited the Complex office to not only partake in our Wheel of Death, but to chat with us about the Certified Fresh horror flick that's got critics and audiences raving. The film, which finds Shipp and co-star Brianna Hildebrand using a serial killer's murder spree to help get their followers up, is a Heathers-esque black comedy for the social media age and finds Shipp's character McKayla having to get her hands dirty bloody.

Similar to Shipp's favorite horror film Carrie, Tragedy Girls plays into people who are outcasts for one reason or another, especially in high school, which is something she appreciated. "I like the idea," she says, "that she kinda got her revenge on all of the people who were being terrible to her." Shipp also says that, similar to her character McKayla, she felt that "growing up different from other people, you do have to put on a different facade, and you have to placate to what everybody likes and what everybody wants to do," although shit turns dumb murderous in the film, to hilarious effect.

Shipp gets into more in the interview, including how her work on Drumline: A New Beat helped her with her knife skills in Tragedy Girls. Check out the full interview up above, and be sure to hit theaters to see Tragedy Girls now.

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