Twitter Was Lit AF During 'The Wiz Live'

Twitter had a field day during NBC's 'The Wiz Live.'

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Tonight, NBC slayed the live musical game with The Wiz Live. Seriously; they've been hit-and-miss in the past, but with the likes of Queen LatifahStephanie Mills, and newcomer Shanice Williams out there singing their heart out, this production truly brought life to the 1978 reimagining of The Wizard of Oz.

It also brought Twitter life. As you know, you aren't watching event TV if you aren't clocking–or creating–those fire tweets during the performance. The Wiz Live gave people the ammunition, and Twitter rose to the occasion.

Here's a look at the heat that Twitter cooked up during tonight's show.

There haven't been this many black men on NBC at once since a Law and Order prison scene #TheWiz
Big Brother is watching, Dorothy #TheWizLive
Even in an imaginary fantasy land, nobody uses Microsoft tablets.
Gone with The Wiz
Watch out, Bill Paxton. #TheWiz
OK NBC, your crappy special effects and bad camera work is threatening a great performance of #TheWizLive
I must have been dead because #TheWizLive is giving me so much life right now.
When God blesses you with #TheWizLive and then he releases the promo for #AdeleLiveInNYC
The Tin Man is dabbin!
.@realDonaldTrump how are you liking The Wiz so far
Cowardly Lion costume is dope. And it also looks like he's about to drop the new hot riddim. #TheWizLive
Next years live performance of Belly gonna be flames tho
Neyo is using the same accent he used in Red Tails 😒🙄 #TheWizLive
I bet these Poppies look like they can help The Scarecrow find some brains.....#Childish
Common w/ the Oscar but I'm going to dress like a Christmas ornament on #TheWiz for my people struggle face.
"The hottest club in Emerald City is..." #TheWiz
When you're trying to sneak out but your mom catches you. #TheWiz
Mary J is bringing me around on the merits of capitalism and factory work. #TheWizLive
When you woke, but you want to party at Emerald City too.
The Wizard of Oz VS The Wiz
The patriarchy just taking a real beating in Oz tonight. #TheWizLive
Emerald City after Gentrification
UZO! C'mon somebody!!! #TheWiz
Uzo said believe in yourself and I was like "mhmm okay" #TheWiz
That song! That Costume & That Voice! Snatch my wig, Uzo! #TheWiz
Uzo Aduba can just take my life. I'm done I'm over it she can have it all #TheWiz

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