Soothe Your Feels With Our 'Master of None' Drinking Game

Season two of Netflix's 'Master of None' is filled with pasta and heartbreak and you're gonna need a drink to go with it

Master of None Drinking Game
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Master of None Drinking Game

We here at Complex Pop love and respect yo, and since we've already seen all of Season 2 of Aziz Ansari's critically acclaimed and much missed Master of Nonewe thought we'd help YOU out by getting your feelings drunk. 

If you were a fan of the Netflix hit series during its first season, you remember that Ansari's show really manages to gutpunch right in the feels for just about everyone (but mostly for unattached twenty- and thirty-somethings). Season One brought us Dev bonding with his parents, friends and establishing a loving relationship with Rachel (Noël Wells) which by season's end is over and has Dev flying to Italy to make pasta. 

Season Two, which dropped on Netflix today, continues to showcase Ansari and Co.'s exceptional capacity for crafting a show that's relatable and warm, funny and sad and utterly devastating. And this season brings just as much pasta eating, dating hi-jinx and moments that hit *too close to home.* So, while you are binging to catch up to the spoilers in your timeline this weekend, use our handy, made-just-for-you Master of None drinking game to either stop (or accelerate) your tears. 

Master of None Drinking Game


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