10 Massive Dating Mistakes We Learned From HBO's ‘Insecure'

The HBO 'Insecure' cast sucks at relationships, but you don't have to!

Issa and Lawrence

Image via HBO

Issa and Lawrence

To say that we're excited for season two of Issa Rae's brilliant HBO comedy, Insecure, returning on July 23rd, would be a total understatement. The show that follows a group of thirtysomethings navigating their lives and loves in Los Angeles—is equal parts hilarious and heartfelt but also unafraid of telling the harsh truth. 

There's no harsher truth in Insecure than in the ways that it depicted relationships throughout its first season. From Issa and Lawrence's floundering relationship to Issa's infidelity with Daniel to Lawrence's rebound sex—it's easy to recognize yourself in the characters and how they continue to fuck up their shit. And for those of us not in relationships, Molly, has the minefield of Los Angeles dating covered from the scrubs, the commitment phobic to her own neurotic hang ups. So, here's what Issa, Lawrence and Molly have told us NOT to do when falling in and out of love. 

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Don't cheat on your dude

issa daniel

Pay more attention to your woman

Lawrence and Issa

Don't jump the gun 3 dates in

Molly and Jidenna

Don't cut your hoes off prematurely

Jared and Molly

Be clear about what you want

Molly on a date

Don't be clingy


Let someone's past be their past

Jared and Molly

Have standards, but don't be superficial

Molly Insecure

Don't get complacent

Issa and Lawrence

Don't keep secrets

Issa and Lawrence

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