A Third of Millennials Would Sell an Organ to Pay Off Student Loans

Study confirms a third of millennials would sell an organ to pay off student loan debt.

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If you feel like you're suffocating under the constraints of massive student loan debt—you’re not alone. Millennials face an uphill battle with more than $1 trillion in total debt. While President Obama works to alleviate this burden for future generations with a proposal to make the first two years of community college free, current post-grads are circling a different option.  

Vice reports that almost a third of students would sell an organ to live debt free. The survey was conducted by the personal finance site MyBankTracker, who interviewed 200 people with a median age  of 32 and an average debt of $34,500. By comparison, 43 percent also said they’d sell half of their possessions and 55 percent said they would participate in reality TV programming. Imagine a house full of disillusioned millennials competing to pay off their student loans. The Really Real World.

For those looking to the black market to solve their financial woes, the outlook is bleak. With an average debt for this year’s graduates at just over $35K, organs worth more than $100K would see just a portion of that. For example, you’d only make $5,000 for something like a kidney. In other words, there aren’t enough organs to sell to erase that debt unless you plan on dying. Better start prepping that drink-throwing hand for reality TV. 

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