A British Woman Recreated the Nativity Scene Entirely Out of Cheese

Joy to the world, indeed.

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Winter is coming. Soon, it will be impossible to escape the decked halls, caroling children, ugly sweaters that only come around once a year and the many recreations of that famous Nativity scene. One British woman, however, has added a new twist to the tale and crafted a perfect illustration of the birth of Jesus Christ—but with cheese.

Prudence Staite is a food artist from Gloucestershire, U.K. who turned to the culinary industry after becoming bored with what she calls “proper art.” Swapping out paint brushes and pencils for cocktail sticks and blocks of cheese, she used 40 kilograms of cheddar to come up with her latest masterpiece.

The scene features a cheese Joseph and Mary huddled around a crib, a shepherd, the wise men with gifts of Branston pickle, a sheep, a cow and a donkey. Staite admits that carving out Jesus’ face was no easy task. She says she relied on a magnifying glass and her imagination to etch out the details. In total, the project took five days to complete.

Check out the above video to see how she turned a few blocks of cheese into a perfect rendition of the famous Biblical scene. 

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