Emma Stone Could Play Cruella de Vil in Disney's Live-Action Origin Story

But will there be puppies?

Not Available Lead
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Not Available Lead

Adding to the collection of live-action interpretations of beloved animated movies from your childhood (we’re looking at you, Jungle Book) is the possibility of an origin story centered on iconic villain Cruella de Vil. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Disney is cooking up a re-imagining of the classic character from 101 Dalmatians and Emma Stone is in early negotiations to fill the role.

As it stands, the movie doesn't have a director yet but screenwriter Kelly Marcel is working on the script. Andrew Gunn, who also produced Freaky Friday and the upcoming Bad Santa 2, is also said to be attached to the project.

This wouldn’t be Cruella’s first turn as a live-action villain. Glenn Close portrayed the black-and-white haired puppy hater in the 1996 version.  

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