Kevin Hart does a great job at playing himself. 

Or at least the version of himself that the public knows. The comedian/actor caught up with Complex for a quick conversation about Season 2 of his Roku show Die Hart: Die Hearter, in which he plays an exaggerated interpretation of himself as a comedian looking to make the jump to becoming an action star. But Hart in real life is serious about his business. While you may expect him to throw jokes or quips throughout the conversation, he doesn’t. He is an actor and a businessman, and he is serious about his work. 

For Hart, the Die Hart project, which started as mini episodes for Quibi before the company went under, has expanded into a Season 2 and a full-length movie that lives on Prime Video. The actor also has projects with nearly all the major streaming networks—from his Netflix movies to his talk show Hart to Hart on Peacock, to executive producing FX’s Dave for Hulu, and now his partnership with Roku on Die Hart. He’s always looking to expand his brand and work with as many platforms and talent as possible, and he sees it all as a business opportunity to not only expand his career but to also help others coming up in the business. 

“There’s a lot that I haven’t done that I want to do. There’s a lot that I have my eyes on, you know? That stuff is to be continued, right? I think the world of discovery is bright as long as you’re open to the opportunities that present themselves. For me, the world of business and evolvement in [the business], gets my biggest attention,” Hart tells Complex. “Finding opportunities for the next generation, the next wave, that’s what my priorities are. I can only hope to do that. Creating more jobs, and creating more success for others is a focusing point and I can only hope that I continue to go in that direction.

Die Hart Season 2, arriving on Roku on March 31, has added John Cena and Ben Schwartz to the cast, and sees the return of Game of Throne’s Nathalie Emmanuel as Jordan King, who was in Season 1 and in the movie. Cena has proven to be an incredible addition to any cast, while Schwartz, who plays Hart’s overzealous and dedicated assistant Andre, takes the humor to new heights in Season 2. After proving himself as a bona fide action hero in Die Hart, Kevin now wants to cement his legacy as the greatest action star of all time in Die Hearter

In the exclusive clip above from Episode 4 titled “Like Mother Like Son, provided by The Roku Channel, Kevin and Jordan are laying low at Andre’s house and meet his mom who is also his roommate. Andre tells his boss about his family’s history of working with famous comedians and shares how his father put his life on the line for Richard Pryor. Instead of showing compassion for his assistant’s loss, Hart can’t get past the idea of someone wanting to hurt the iconic comedian. 

Check out the hilarious clip above and read our conversation with Kevin Hart about Season 2 of his show, working with John Cena and Ben Schwartz, and why he doesn’t box himself in when it comes to his partnerships.