Here's An Exclusive Look at Brian Tyree Henry's Character Lemon in 'Bullet Train'

Check out these exclusive photos of Brian Tyree Henry's British assassin character Lemon in this summer's action-packed film 'Bullet Train.'

Bryan Tyree Henry Bullet Train

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Bryan Tyree Henry Bullet Train

This year’s Bullet Train further solidifies Brian Tyree Henry as a full-on action star. 

 The actor has a pretty stacked resumé but most people know him for his Emmy-nominated performance as Alfred “Paper Boi” Miles in the FX comedy-drama series Atlanta. In Atlanta, Henry’s character is irritable, slow-moving at times, and shows signs of depression as he struggles to find footing within his newfound fame. But Bullet Train takes the actor so much further than that with his role as a British assassin named Lemon, who is obsessed with Thomas the Train and has a “twin” brother named Tangerine (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) who is also his associate and partner in their life of crime.  

Bryan Tyree Henry Bullet Train

Brad Pitt leads the film as trained killer Ladybug. He wants to move past his dark past but is pulled back in by his handler Maria Beetle who sends him on a mission to find a briefcase that’s traveling inside the bullet train. While onboard, he faces the pair of brothers, Lemon and Tangerine, along with other assassins who are all aboard the fast-moving train making its way from Tokyo to Morioka.

They all soon realize their missions are all somehow connected. The assassins all have different motivations, but they must battle each other to figure out who is behind all of their misfortunes and to see who ends up making it off the train alive in the end. 

Bryan Tyree Henry Bullet Train

The satirical thirller film is based on the 2010 cult favorite novel, Maria Beetle, and is directed by David Leitch and also features performances from Zazie Beetz, Bad Bunny, Joey King, Sandra Bullock, Andrew Koji, Hiroyuki Sanada, and Michael Shannon.


Check out Brian Tyree Henry as Lemon in the exclusive photos from Sony above and when Bullet Train arrives in theaters on Aug. 5. 

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