Armie Hammer found himself in the midst of some major controversy after a woman who says she had an intimate relationship with him created an account on Instagram to share gruesome details of the bizarre sexual interactions she says they used to have. The woman has also shared screenshots of explicit conversations that allegedly occurred between Hammer and multiple women via Instagram DMs. While most people wouldn’t be surprised at the nature of dirty talk or sexting in 2021, the alleged conversations included talk of rape fantasies, the desire to inflict pain on his partners, and one in which the actor reportedly said he was “100% a cannibal.” 

Everyone has their own preferences behind closed doors, sure, but these allegations that surfaced on the anonymous @houseofeffie Instagram account show a dark side to the Call Me By Your Name star that fans might not have known about. While the direct messages have yet to be verified as being sent from Hammer’s account, an ex-girlfriend of his spoke to Page Six recently, backing some of the claims made against the actor. She discussed what their sexual relationship was like, his controlling nature, and the emotional abuse she says she endured while dating him. 

While a lot of the focus and reactions from the public have been centered on his sexual fetishes, from BDSM to “drinking blood,” “cutting toes,” and his alleged “cannibalism,” the real focus here should be on the women who say they were abused and violated by him. Some of the allegations point toward abuse, a blatant violation of boundaries, and disregard for consent. While it’s difficult to verify the validity of the screenshots, other women who have been romantically involved with him have also come out on the record and said the texts aren’t at all surprising to them. The actor’s lawyer has denied the allegations made by the women, and Hammer has referred to them as “bullshit claims.” A woman came forward in March 2021 accusing Hammer of rape, which he also quickly denied through his lawyer.

The actor checked into a treatment facility that May and reportedly stayed through December. He broke his silence in February 2023 for the first time and talked openly about the accusations made against him. Here's a deep dive into Armie Hammer's recent controversy.

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